The Cloud Saves the Day (and Your Business)!

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People sometimes fear “the cloud” and don’t want their data, photos, and other information stored there as it could be in the hands of hackers.  Others find that their infrastructure, now with more remote workers than ever and looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce expenses.  The cloud actually can be a lifesaver for improving efficiency, reducing costs, and dealing with a cyberattack or infrastructure disaster!  We’ve highlighted just a few cases where cloud-based computing, storage, and security features have helped clients address big needs! 


App8 is a platform for payment that is a contactless solution for restaurants. To improve efficiency in menu planning as well as staffing management, App8 was looking to improve the application’s predictive capabilities, which had significant development timelines and financial repercussions.  They turned to cloud-based solutions. This produced a new app version that helped address their needs using machine learning algorithms to analyze the data they were already collecting through the app which enabled them to enhance customer experience, improve resource usage and budgeting, and boosted app traffic.  By going to this managed solution, App8 saved money and time and has improved the overall capabilities of their application! (Source: App8 AWS Case Study

Womble Carlyle 

Womble Carlyle is a large law firm in the United States that has been serving its clients for over 125 years.  With many operations shifting to remote settings and with lawyers traveling to serve their clients, this firm needed a solution when laptops lost functionality.  In the past, the go-to solution was a phone consultation. The IT technician talked their staff through a fix to get laptops and other devices restored. This option was not efficient or functional, and productivity suffered.  With cloud-based services, they utilized software and storage solutions that provided them with a more comprehensive way to back up all their files and data, while minimizing disruption to the flow of business.  After a successful pilot, it was deployed for the company. They are now able to back up systems more efficiently, on-site and remote, restore functionality quickly, often in the background, and store more data, more effectively.  This makes system recovery and restoration much less time intensive, especially with high quantities of devices at play, which is a major cost-savings.  


Law Firm 

Another law firm with managed IT services contacted Klik Solutions to assist with changing an end-of-life infrastructure, reducing costs, and increasing security to meet compliance.  Through collaboration with operations and business teams, Klik was able to leverage cloud services along with minimal on-premises consolidation of servers and networking. This represented a significant reduction in physical infrastructure and noteworthy cost savings.  In addition, the utilization of cloud services Klik provided enhanced security and compliance through storage, backups, and data recovery.   (Source:


If you are looking for ways to help improve efficiency, reduce infrastructure, enhance backup and disaster recovery planning, and/or find out more about how the cloud can help your business, contact Klik.Solutions for more information.  

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