How does the Cloud work?

Nowadays, Cloud is a major trend for businesses and end-users. Despite that the Cloud is still unclear for most people, many of us actively use cloud solutions on a day-to-day basis. You use [...]


6 ways 5G will change Cloud Computing

The fifth generation of mobile connectivity, widely known as 5G is here. It is expected to bring such a lot of advantages over the 4G networks. This would include high-quality video calls, [...]


What is a Disaster Recovery Plan

Today companies rely heavily on technology and digital operations. It increases opportunities for business growth and scaling but at the same time brings new challenges. As most important data is [...]


Seven things to consider when choosing a cloud provider

Cloud solutions undoubtedly bring significant advantages to any business. Selecting the right cloud provider to help with your infrastructure, critical applications and essential business data [...]


Cloud Transformation: How it can help your business

Cloud computing is becoming an essential part of any successful business. More and more companies discover the benefits of cloud-based solutions and start utilizing them. Whether we talk about [...]

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