Why is AWS dominating the Cloud Market

Cloud computing has boomed over the past several years. Businesses are increasingly transitioning to different cloud services. As a result, the Cloud computing market is rising, offering [...]


Five things to know about Veeam Backup and Replication

We partner with market leaders to ensure the best service for our customers. These days data is the most valuable asset of any company. Therefore, it should be reliably protected from [...]


What is Multi-Cloud? How it can help you

Multi-cloud is a strategy where an organization leverages two or more cloud computing platforms to perform various tasks. Companies that do not want to depend on a single cloud provider may [...]


Practice the 3-2-1 Back up rule

Companies, organizations, or individuals – all should pay attention to data backup! This ensures that your important information will survive any of the hazards, this includes natural [...]


Seven best open-source cloud platforms for the enterprise

Cloud computing is the perfect solution for the current IT culture expected to be in high demand for a while. Cloud platforms bring several advantages to the companies that develop and deploy [...]

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