Improving Patient Care with Cloud Computing 

Healthcare providers are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve patient care, and in today’s fast-paced world, they require technological solutions that enable them to work more [...]

The Advantages of Upgrading Your Server Racks 

In today’s digital world, businesses are relying on data storage centers more than ever before. As the amount of data being generated continues to grow exponentially, it’s becoming [...]

Improving Scalability and Accessibility With the Cloud

Every business hopes to grow over time.  However, as you experience that growth your workflows and access to systems need to grow and evolve with your business.  That can pose challenges when it [...]

Data Center Colocation Trends for 2023

Colocation refers to the practice of renting space in a third-party data center facility to house IT infrastructure and equipment. This can include servers, storage devices, and networking [...]

Choosing the Perfect Colocation Provider for Your Business Needs

Fellow business owners and tech enthusiasts! Are you looking for a reliable way to store your data and host your website? If so, you might want to consider colocation services. Colocation is a [...]

Server Rack Sizes-What’s the Difference?  

When you decide to build a server, you must consider various factors and one of the most important ones is choosing the right mounting option. With tons of server rack dimensions, it is not as [...]

4 Proven Ways to Mitigate the Costs of a Data Breach

No business wants to suffer a data breach. But unfortunately, in today’s environment, it’s difficult to completely avoid them. Approximately 83% of organizations have experienced more than one [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Server Racks

Are you new to the world of data centers and networking environments?  Are you wondering what those towering metal frames with flashing lights are that you see in some office [...]

The Role of the Database in Edge Computing  

The goal of edge computing is to allocate data processing and storage. A next-generation, edge-ready database is required to keep data consistent and in sync across the cloud, edge, and client [...]

A Guide to Using Distributed Databases 

Distributed databases provide tools and benefits for data storage and analytics processes in businesses. The key issue is understanding how to use them correctly. When we think of major users of [...]

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