Public, Private & Hybrid Solutions

Reliable backup and disaster recovery demands options that integrate with unique business requirements. Molnii engineers deploy tailored solutions that replicate data in our data center pods (public), a dedicated server on-site or in our data centers (private) or we can “tier” data and use a combination of both options (hybrid).

The Molnii B/DR Difference

Hyper Fast Restores

Lightning fast backup & restore speeds exceed 5GB per minute as granular as file level

Military Grade Encryption

Data is encrypted at rest and in transit up to 448 Blowfish

Hot Site Replication

Data is backed up and replicated in dual geographically diverse data centers with automatic failover

1 Hour Restore SLA

Short SLA’s retrieve your data with minimal down time. Proactive backup alerting ensures your data is there when you need it.

Ultra Efficient Backups

Continuous backups and restores of new and changed data reduce your data storage footprint and costs.

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