Why Cloud is the future of Ecommerce?

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The e-commerce market reached $4.2T in 2020 and is predicted to grow by another 14% this year. Though, 2021 brought up some problems to e-commerce business, such as market unpredictability, unstable demand, need for both ways scaling, performance issues, and so on. Adopting the Cloud helps in solving at least some of these problems. Let’s look at the five “S” that stands for five key advantages of cloud solutions for e-commerce

1. Scalability

Cloud solutions address the dynamic needs of the e-commerce market. The Cloud allows scaling up and down based on various business specifics such as seasonal activity peaks, new business challenges, grown traffic, etc. It also helps in balancing the workload and managing the fluctuating demand. In other words, cloud technologies boost your business growth and make it easier.

2. Stability

When operating in the e-commerce market, get ready to deal with traffic spikes, that might occur for various reasons – from new product launches to seasonal peaks of customers’ activity such as Christmas sales or Black Friday. The power of the Cloud guarantees reliable stability for online shopping. You can count on predictable performance even when it comes to great traffic spikes.

3. Speed

Slow websites are annoying. Various surveys confirm that almost 80% of online shoppers will unlikely be back to the website where they had performance issues. So, if you want to build up and maintain customers’ loyalty, pay attention to your website speed. A powerful cloud platform will let your e-commerce site perform at the highest rate and satisfy even the most demanding clients.

4. Savings

When planned and executed in the right way can significantly reduce costs, which is critically important for small and mid-sized businesses. The primary reason, Cloud is cheaper than traditional hosting is that you pay only for what you use.

5. Security

Customers want to be sure that their payment details and other confidential information such as delivery address won’t get into the wrong hands. Cloud solutions offer superior security measures when it comes to data protection. On top of this, cloud providers take care of their professional reputation and employ teams of highly-qualified cybersecurity experts to ensure your reliable cybersecurity.

These are five significant reasons why Cloud adoption is a wise choice for the e-commerce market and being competitive in this fast-paced retail segment.

If you plan to step into the e-commerce market or expand your online retail presence, contact us for expert advice regarding the Cloud solution that addresses your business needs.

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