Which one is better: Onedrive vs Google Drive

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The Cloud has gained traction in recent years due to the rapid advancements in computing technology. Companies and individual users are using the Cloud because of having access to more processing power and the ability to store and share big amounts of data. When talking about cloud storage, two brand names come to our minds – Google Drive and OneDrive. There are high chances that you might have used or using one or both cloud storages services. What factors to consider when choosing between the two options? We have compared the features of both solutions.

1. Pricing plans.

Regardless of whether you need cloud storage for personal or business needs, pricing depends on the amount of data you would like to store. OneDrive’s free storage plan offers only 5 GB of cloud storage against Google Drive’s 15 GB. If you need more than 15 GB, you must upgrade for paid Google Drive plans. Prices start from $1.99 per 100Gb storage per user per month. In contrast, Microsoft OneDrive offers a greater value for money when it comes to paid options. For $9.99, Google Drive offers you 2 TB storage while OneDrive delivers 6 TB storage alongside other Office 365 products.

2. File Sharing.

Any cloud storage is used not only for storing files and data but also for sharing, teamwork, and syncing. In our digital era, cloud storage is the precondition for effective remote collaboration. Both Google Drive and OneDrive work similarly regarding filesharing and granting permissions to access or edit documents. You can use the “Get sharable link” feature to share any file with your team members.

3. Data security.

Cloud allows accessing files anywhere, anytime, from any device. Besides an obvious convenience, it creates a lot of security concerns. Cybercriminals try to exploit every opportunity to attack data protection systems which put even the tech giants at risk. About a decade ago, in 2012, Dropbox had become a victim of a huge data breach that compromised 68 million passwords, and then again, approximately 24 million Gmail accounts were hacked in 2016. Microsoft is known for taking data security very seriously. Given that Microsoft has not been associated with such events, OneDrive may be considered a relatively safer choice.

4. Data Protection.

Google Drive protects in-transit or in-motion files with AES 128-bit encryption while the AES 256-bit encryption cipher protects files at rest. OneDrive offers AES 256-bit encryption protection for in-transit files, but files at rest are offered no encryption unless a OneDrive for Business subscription is owned.

5. Final thoughts.

Both Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive have their pros and cons. While OneDrive offers three times as much as Google Drive’s storage space for the same price, Google Drive protects both files in transit and those at rest with its cutting-edge encryption algorithms. If OneDrive offers the familiarity and ease of use of Microsoft Office, Google Drive allows many choices regarding app integrations. Overall it comes down to the company which develops a product – Microsoft vs Google.

Microsoft One DriveGoogle Drive
1. PricingFree for the first 5GB
The cheapest option is $9.99 at 2TB
Free for the first 15GB
The cheapest option is $1.99 at 100GB
2. File SharingAccess Management, File sharing, and syncingAccess Management, File sharing, and syncing
3. Data SecurityNo known breachesThe latest security breach was in 2016, with 24 million emails hacked
4. Data Protectionuses AES 128-bit encryption for in-transit files
while the AES 256-bit encryption cipher protects files at rest.
AES 256-bit encryption protection for in-transit files
No encryption unless you own a Business subscription

Hopefully, this post will help you choose between cloud storage. And if you are interested in getting more specific information about Cloud solutions, migration to the Cloud, and benefits you can get from utilizing Cloud technology, get in touch with our experts right now!

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