Five Business Problems solved by the cloud

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Cloud is here to stay, and this technology is rapidly becoming a powerful resource for businesses regardless of their scale and industry. There is a good reason for it. Moreover, there are numerous reasons, and we have listed just five key benefits worth considering.

Problem #1. Cybersecurity and vulnerability to disasters.

Modern Cloud technology has significantly advanced. It is fair to say that the Cloud has become more secure and reliable than on-premise options. With so many businesses are using Cloud hosting in some form, it has been forced to maintain high levels of security to meet all the demand. On top of this, utilizing the Cloud provides greater protection from various artificial and natural disasters and allows an easy recovery in case of emergency.

Problem #2. Scalability and flexibility.

Businesses are constantly changing. With a traditional onsite network, scalability is limited by the capacity of hardware you already have. And further business growth means additional capital investments into your IT infrastructure. It is difficult to predict IT needs over the years accurately. But if you use the Cloud you don’t have to. You can easily scale your network both ways to accommodate your growing or decreasing needs. Cloud comes handy when you need to deal with the seasonal peaks as well.

Problem #3. Mobility and work-from-anywhere mode.

Nowadays, working from home became a new normal and not just because of the pandemic. Some businesses, for instance, real estate, healthcare, retail, and others, can dramatically increase their productivity when their employees have access to data they need anytime from any location. Businesses that migrated to the Cloud can provide staff with options to work at home from their own devices. Additionally, your business can use file-sharing applications to organize effective teamwork with the Cloud, even if everyone is geographically separated.

Problem #4. Network upgrades and software updates.

Cloud is the best choice when it comes to systems upgrades and software updates. Everything is hosted in the Cloud, and your provider takes care of the upgrades to the backend infrastructure and provides all software updates. You always have access to the latest software without having to invest in them on your own.

Problem #5. Cost reduction and transparency.

Cloud computing presents significant savings on hardware, facilities, utilities, and other expenses related to traditional IT infrastructure. On top of this, most cloud computing programs and applications use a subscription-based model. This allows businesses to scale up or down according to their needs and pay for what they use.

Cloud migration is not simple and requires professional assistance. This puts many business owners off adopting this technology. But in the long-term perspective, the Cloud is the way to mitigate a series of long-term problems. All you need is to choose an experienced Cloud partner who will help you to enjoy all benefits of this technology at an affordable cost. Check our services out and make your choice!

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