Key Components of Contemporary Data Movement

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Businesses must move data between different systems and applications frequently throughout the data lifecycle in today’s digital world.  Migrating data can be complex and time-intensive, but to be able to access and analyze their data in real-time, it is an essential business action.   

Many different cloud-based services can help businesses with this type of migration.  With different features and capabilities, it is important to choose the right services to fit your particular needs.  

Some key components of contemporary data migration include:  

• Automation: Automation can make data migration easier and take less time.  This will free up your IT staff resources so you can focus on other valuable tasks.  

• Incremental updates: Rather than migrating complete datasets, cloud-based services can support incremental updates.  This saves time and valuable resources.  

• Idempotence: Idempotence is a property of a function that produces the same result no matter how many times it is called. This is a must for the migration of valuable data, as it protects data and prevents duplication.  

• Schema drift handling: When the schema, or structure, of a database changes, schema drift can occur, causing issues as you migrate that data between different systems.  The target system may have communication issues and may not be able to understand the data from the source system. Cloud-based services can handle schema drift, ensuring your data is protected from loss or corruption.  

• Pipeline and network performance: Cloud-based services can offer a variety of features to optimize the performance of your pipeline and network.  These might include features such as parallel processing, caching, and data compression, to name a few. This ensures your critical operations and network performs at the highest level of efficiency.  

When choosing a cloud-based service for data movement and migration, it is more important than ever to make sure your provider tailors your workflows to your specific needs and requirements.  

Some critical services that support your data migration and data movement include:  

• Fivetran: This is a fully managed data pipeline service, helping your business move data from a variety of sources to a data warehouse or data lake. Fivetran includes automation, incremental updates, schema drift handling, and pipeline performance optimization features to enhance your business operations. 

• Airflow: Airflow can automate your data migration processes using an open-source workflow management platform that is highly customizable and can be used to create complex data pipelines. 

• Apache NiFi: Another open-source data flow management tool is Apache NiFi. It also has automation features and is scalable for large or small amounts of data.  

The right service for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements. Are you looking for a provider to support your data migration efforts?  Look no further than Molnii for your data migration and movement needs.  We will tailor our processes to meet your needs with expert tools and services.  Contact us for more information today! We’ve got you covered! 

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