How to organize your data in the Cloud

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The convenience of cloud storage is undeniable. Moving your data to the cloud helps to back up your files easily and store essential data reliably. But unless files and folders are properly organized, your storage can quickly turn into a chaotic pile of documents. Here are five tips for decluttering your cloud.

1. Develop a unified folder naming system

Develop a file naming system that is easy to understand and name all your folders accordingly. For instance, such markers as Date, Type, and ProjectName make it easier to navigate folders and keep work and personal files separated. You can choose other markers – the trick is to find a naming system that works for you and then implement it.

2. Sort your files into Folders

All the major cloud storage services allow you to create as many folders as you need. Start creating folders for your different file types. During decluttering, you will probably find out that there are certain folders that you will use more often. Some cloud storage will allow assigning priority values.

3. Create Subfolders

Split files inside folders into several subfolders following the same logic, as in the main section. Then you can move files into subfolders and make it even easier to find them when you need to access subfolders. Don’t forget to update them. For instance, a folder for financial reports will eventually need folders sorted according to year, since it will be updated from time to time.

4. Assign Tags to Files

Another great way to organize your files is to assign tags to them. Right-click any file and select Properties. For many file types, especially in Windows, there are options to add some additional descriptors that will help you index your files.

5. Review, update, and backup your files regularly

Eventually, you will no longer need some old files. Review your storage regularly to find out and archive some old documents that are no longer in use. Try decluttering old files by putting them in a separate folder or moving them to another storage to free up space.

Although cloud storage organizing takes time, it is a must. Properly stored documents and files make it easier to use them, especially when it comes to work-related data used by several team members. If you have more questions about the cloud, contact our Molnii Experts!

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