How to keep your data secure?

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The problem of data protection has become critical nowadays. As it is stated in the «Cost of a data breach report» by IBM Security, the average total cost of a data breach has reached $3.86 million in 2020. No wonder, that data security has become a number one concern of any business owner and executive nowadays. 

Unfortunately, lots of small- and mid-sized business owners still tend to underestimate cybersecurity risks. Quite often they regard their business as too small to become a hackers’ target and such perception creates a false sense of security. But in reality, SMB’s are more vulnerable to damaging cyber-attacks because of lack of proper protection. Hackers are aware of this and target small and mid-sized businesses for profit or just use it as a polygon for testing new malicious software, tools and solutions. About 53% of small- and mid-sized companies become unprofitable within just one month after successful cyber-attacks that cause losing an access to their critical data and business applications.  

So, the threat awareness is the first step to reliable security. What’s next?  

TOP-5 tips for more reliable cybersecurity

1. Invest into regular cyber security trainings for your employees.

Statistics confirms that the human factor is the weakest link in any cybersecurity chain, that causes about 95% of successful breaches. Hackers are aware of this and use company employees as an “entry point”. They try to get access to confidential data via phishing emails and viruses. Cyber criminals’ methods are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. That is why it is impossible to provide reliable protection without regular familiarization of employees with current cyber risks. 

2. Don’t ignore or postpone software updates.

Never ignore or postpone software updates. Most updates can be scheduled to non-business hours, so your workflow won’t be disrupted. 

3. Remember and follow the „3-2-1” rule for backup copies.

The „3-2-1” rule states that you should have 3 copies of your data (your production data and 2 backup copies) on two different media with one copy off-site for disaster recovery. You can create your backup copy using cloud services, such as OneDrive for Business by Microsoft, Google Drive Enterprise, Dropbox Business etc. Ideally, the chosen solution should encrypt data during transmission and storage and support multi-factor user identification. 

4. Use VPN and MFA for better security.

VPN that stands for Virtual Private Network is the core component of the corporate network security. It encrypts Internet connection and data transmitted. Most of VPN services additionally equipped with the built-in function of disconnection from a network after break of the protected connectionTech Radar named Perimeter 81 (Pricing Plans | Perimeter 81), NordLayer ( ) and Twingate ( ) the best VPNs for business – 2021. MFA, as most of cyber security tools, doesn’t guarantee 100% reliable cyber security but puts an additional layer of protection.  

5. Consider cyber security insurance for business.

Insurance companies are actively developing and offering cyber security insurances for business. It is a good option to consider, because the damage from cyber attacks is not limited to investing into new workstations and updating antivirus software only. Being insured will help you to feel more confident, and, if an incident occurs your insurance company will reimburse the cost of business recovery. However, keep in mind that most insurance providers are now mandating that their clients have essential security protocols to maintain coverage. Some companies are denied coverage after an incident if their security posture doesn’t meet the insurer’s requirements, so make sure you carefully read all terms and conditions before signing an agreement. 

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