How to improve supply chain through cloud business applications

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Cloud computing is gaining traction, and supply chain is one of the areas that can benefit greatly from Cloud adoption. 

Cloud-based apps and automation have a lot of potential. By utilizing them, businesses can drastically reduce costs, increase productivity, and reduce errors. No wonder that the global Software-as-a-Service market is expected to reach $60.3 billion by 2023. 

So how do cloud business apps help in supply chain optimization?

  • Labour shortage problem solving via using industrial robotics, AI automation, and IoT sensors.
  • Speeding ERP transformation up. Legacy systems are becoming inefficient, and a modernized ERP system enable organizations to streamline their processes. The incorporation of cloud-based applications helps businesses in supporting growth and keeping up with the industry’s pace.
  • Simplifying data collection. Organizations that integrate AI-enabled supply management systems can save 15% on logistics costs, according to recent McKinsey survey. Connecting disparate systems, unifying data, increasing supply chain visibility, and enlisting AI to collect decision-making insights are all ways that cloud-based applications accomplish this. 
  • Reverse Supply Chain implementation. The circular economy is becoming more popular. Using cloud-based applications to manage reverse supply chains can help them become more sustainable.

There are also some distinct advantages to consider when deciding whether to implement a cloud-based application. The most significant of them are:

  • Intelligence and automation 

Cloud-based applications are developed with a high level of cognitive intelligence. This enables executives to obtain valuable data and insights that are critical for optimizing workflows. 

  • Ease of an implementation and usage 

Cloud computing is simple to set up and use, and you can get a lot of expert advice on how to improve your systems. 

  • Real-Time Visibility 

Manual tracking of various tasks that run simultaneously increases risk of human error. With cloud-based applications, you can ensure that all processes are being tracked properly. Real-time visibility will allow you to make informed business decisions. 

  • Scalability 

As a company expands, the need to increase resources grows as well. Scaling is a part of every evolving business, and cloud-based applications allow to conduct it in easy and cost-effective way.  

  • Cost-Effectiveness 

Using cloud-based applications to automate your supply chain can help you improve business efficiency and save money. Furthermore, because all data is stored and transmitted via cloud storage, there is no need to invest in servers or software. 

  • Summing Up 

Cloud computing has dramatically altered the business landscape, and cloud-based applications are now required for any company. When it comes to the supply chain industry, it is obvious that automation is the way to go. 

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