Getting Through the Cloud Security Skills Gap 

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Over the last few years, Cloud technologies have evolved from a luxurious solution, only affordable for big enterprises, into an essential component for any successful business strategy. To ensure their sustainable growth and stay competitive, companies must rely on Cloud-based applications. This rapid proliferation of cloud solutions has exacerbated cybersecurity challenges. The demand for IT professionals with cloud security skills has never been so high. And a lack of cloud technology skills is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face when it comes to securing their critical applications. According to the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report, one of the largest worldwide IT reports, 76% of IT decision-makers experience critical skill gaps on their teams in 2021. A 145% increase since 2016. So, the question is, are there any effective ways of getting through the Cloud security skill gap? Let’s try to find it out.  

Cyber hygiene training for employees.  

A lack of certain cloud-related skills is just the tip of the iceberg. Lots of companies experience low cyber security awareness issues within their teams in general. That’s why conducting regular employee cyber security training is a precursor for the reliable cyber defense of an entire organization. Your team members must be able to spot and report suspicious activity in a company’s network, practice securing their personal devices and home networks, and understand key cyber hygiene rules. Onboarding processes for newcomers must include cybersecurity training. As cyber threats rapidly evolve and become more sophisticated, companies should maintain up-to-date cybersecurity training.   

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Talent pool expanding  

Reliable cloud security requires a new way of shaping company talent pools. Nowadays the IT industry is developing so rapidly that having a science computing degree and background is no longer a prerequisite for hire. A life-long learning mindset and willingness to grow are much more important. Organizations can expand their talent pool and bridge the skill gap by widening their search and assessing candidate backgrounds from various perspectives. Some recent research demonstrates that heterogeneous teams perform more efficiently when team members have varied educational and professional backgrounds. Allowing them to look at complex cyber threats from different points of view. Companies, in turn, must help their employees maximize their potential by providing appropriate resources for training and education.   

Consider a cybersecurity mash platform  

Deploying an integrated, automated cybersecurity mash platform can help bridge the cloud security skill gaps and overcome the shortage of skilled professionals. Such a platform helps to reduce operational complexities, increase visibility, establish consistent policies across on-premises and cloud platforms, and take an extra layer of cybersecurity complexity off.   

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Choose a trusted Cloud security partner.  

Another way to bridge the cloud skills gap is to choose a trusted managed Cloud services provider with extensive expertise in Cloud security solutions. Partnering with managed Cloud services providers allows companies a significant upside of routine operations including infrastructure maintenance and monitoring, patching, cloud solutions optimization, and so on. Check our proposal out to find the best match for your IT needs.  

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