Data Centers the “new” Oil for Businesses

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The growing importance of data has become a driving force of the increasing need for data centers. Recently, data has been called “a new” oil, which underlines the importance of data for modern society. All successful business strategies are data-driven, as data analysis allows us to be better prepared for future scenarios and identify potential bottlenecks.

So, what is a data center?

In the simplest terms, a data centre is a physical space where data and applications are stored for organizations. It can be a single building or the whole block with a wide range of computer systems, routers, servers, firewalls, and all other components needed to house data. A group of tech specialists maintains hardware and software within a data centre.

Recently data centres evolved significantly, moving to virtual networks rather than physical servers to support a multi-cloud environment. Data is now being connected, stored and processed through multiple data centres via edge computing, public, private and hybrid clouds.

How can a business benefit from data centres?

For any business nowadays, technology is critically important for keeping its market positions and stay ahead of competitors. As technology is continuously evolving process so is the change in the way organizations do business. That is when data centres can play a great role in addressing the growing company’s technological demands. Let’s look through the five key benefits of data centres.

1. Opportunities for outsourcing.

An increase in resource requirement is sometimes too much for many companies to handle. It may require the company to invest many hours and personnel in maintaining such a demand. Data centres allow outsourcing their resource needs.

2. Secure data storage.

With a dramatic increase of various cyber threats, data safety has become a number one priority for any business. Data centres prove to be a much more secure option for data storage, eliminating risks associated with data loss.

3. Improved teamwork efficiency.

Data centres can significantly improve the workflow letting your team members easily share files and documents and accessing them anytime from anywhere. Communication and collaboration are accessible when all parties have access to the same data. A typical database helps organizations in improving Customer Relationship Management and resource planning, and many more.

4. Preventing outages and related losses.

Outages and power quality disturbances can cost businesses lots of money. A portion of this loss can be eliminated through data centres as they utilize a system that can withstand power outages. Conditions are not even favourable to generators and surge suppressors as they require significant energy to maintain.

5. Better growth opportunities.

First, data centres power the deployment and development of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Also, they provide companies with the scalability they wouldn’t have in their own server rooms, allowing them to expand quickly and seamlessly.

This is just a brief description of the benefits data centers can bring to your business. For further information, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Molnii team for a consultation.

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