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Every “techie” knows that staying ahead of the latest trends is crucial for seasoned IT professionals and beginners alike. Lifelong learning is not just a trend; it’s a necessity in the rapidly evolving digital world.  

Among the valuable sources for keeping your knowledge up-to-date are professional blogs. Written by practicing experts for their peers, they are based not just on theory but on valuable hands-on experience (and often on mistakes). But how do you discover the real gems in the saturated content environment?  

If you are involved in the Cloud Engineering industry, either professionally or as enthusiasts, pay attention to This resource recommends blogs chosen by developers, providing high-quality content that is regularly re-ordered based on Twitter conversations. Here, we present the 15 of the best cloud blogs, as of February 2024.  

  1. Scott Hanselman’s Blog: Scott, Developer Advocate at Microsoft, delves into the .NET ecosystem, Azure cloud computing, and Windows software development.  
  1. Troy Hunt’s Blog: Creator of and advisor at NordVPN, Troy focuses on data breaches and information security.  
  1. To Kill a Mocking Bug: Jeroen Vannevel shares his day-to-day experiences with .NET, Azure, and general software engineering. Recent articles cover Swift terminal access, TypeScript unit testing, and Android release via Azure pipelines.  
  1. Rafal Wilinski’s Cloud-Native Blog: Founder of Dynobase, Rafal concentrates on cloud-native technologies, particularly Serverless on AWS with an emphasis on AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and CDK (Cloud Development Kit).  
  1. Last Week in AWS: The internet’s snarky, sarcastic resource covering anything and everything AWS. Presents the latest AWS news in a personality-packed format.  
  1. Forrest Brazeal’s Blog: Forrest, working at A Cloud Guru, shares insights on AWS, serverless computing, open source, and tech industry events. Covers high-level technology problems such as choosing your tech stack.  
  1. Donald On Software: Donald Schulz, with extensive software development experience, writes about his interesting findings and ongoing projects. His recent focus embraces ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and DevOps.  
  1. Roberto Vitillo’s Blog: Roberto shares his experience designing, building, and maintaining large-scale distributed systems. Recent articles cover the pitfalls of distributed systems, the cost of microservices, and conducting systems design interviews.  
  1. Thorsten Hans: Hans focuses on real-world projects, particularly in cloud computing with Azure and container technologies like Kubernetes and Docker. His recent posts cover Docker CLI, scanning Docker images for vulnerabilities, and new features in Open Service Mesh.  
  1. Cindy Sridharan: Cindy’s blog covers a wide range of topics, from distributed systems and operating systems to peer-reviewed papers and tool reviews. It offers a fresh perspective with clear writing.  
  1. Parveen Singh’s Blog: Parveen covers cloud technology topics related to Azure Cloud and Microsoft services. Beginners are recommended to pay attention to the “Getting Started with Azure App Services” and “Cloud Projects Ideas” series.  
  1. Brendan Gregg’s Blog: This resource is primarily focused on computing performance analysis and cloud computing, often related to Linux. It includes helpful documentation about Linux profiling tools and Brendan’s experiences as a senior performance architect at Netflix.  
  1. Ahmet Alp Balkan’s Blog: Ahmet, a software engineer at Google Cloud who works as a developer advocate, creating tools and designing experiences for developers, shares insights into Google Cloud products, containers, and Kubernetes.   
  1. InfoWorld Cloud Computing Blog: A valuable addition to the list, InfoWorld’s Cloud Computing Blog covers diverse topics in the cloud computing realm and provides insights, analysis, and updates on the latest trends.  
  1. Cloud Tweaks blog: Containing articles from multiple contributors, this resource allows you to explore expert viewpoints on the dynamic landscape of future technology, encompassing AI, Cloud Solutions, and Cybersecurity. Delve into comprehensive insights and in-depth analyses provided by leading authorities in these fields to grasp the implications and innovations propelling the next wave of technological advancement.  
  1. Bonus!  Molnii blogExplore a range of topics from the latest tech trends and innovations to practical guides on leveraging technology for business growth. Get actionable advice and in-depth analysis on topics including trends in cloud computing, benefits of cloud computing, automation and AI, storage options, data backup and recovery…you name it, Molnii’s got you covered.  

The field of cloud computing is dynamic, and staying informed is an ongoing process. To ensure you stay abreast of the freshest insights and developments, consider bookmarking these blogs and revisiting them regularly. Moreover, continually re-orders its recommendations based on conversations happening on Twitter, providing a real-time reflection of community preferences.  

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a passionate learner, this curated list of cloud blogs offers a reliable compass to navigate the complexities of cloud computing. Embrace the spirit of continuous learning and exploration, and let these blogs be your guides on the exciting journey through the vast expanse of the cloud. Happy reading and stay tuned to Molnii for the latest updates!  

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