7 things you can do with Cloud Storage

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Cloud storage enables users to store their digital data on hosted servers. It minimizes risks related to keeping information on hard drives and provides easy access to files from any device and location. However, current cloud services evolved to offer even more functionality. Discover seven unusual ways to use cloud storage.

1. Create and share photo albums

Although many people tend to share their photos on social media or messengers, this option is neither reliable nor convenient. Storing and sharing pictures or videos with your friends via cloud storage is a better idea. Any cloud storage service allows simple photo uploading and album creation.

2. Encrypt your data for better protection

Cloud storage services aim to provide the best security measures to their users. The critical security measure is zero-knowledge encryption, which is another name for private, end-to-end encryption. Encryption scrambles your files before they leave your computer, rather than when they reach a cloud storage server and guarantees the high-security level.

3. Store your passwords in the Cloud

The idea of writing your passwords down in your notepad was outdated decades ago. And how to make sure you won’t forget your passwords considering the number of services and apps we use? (Remember, using the same password for different accounts is a big mistake from a cyber-security point of view). Store your passwords in the Cloud using a password manager.

4. Manage your documents

Working on a document has never been so simple. For example, the G suite integrated with Google Drive includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, which let you work with documents, spreadsheets, and presentation slides, respectively.

5. Use third-party apps for more effective collaboration

Cloud storage services integrate with many apps that can bring your teamwork to the next level. Besides the usual document management service and some other apps, enterprise file sync and share services — or “EFSS” for short — usually provide an extensive library of third-party integrations that you can choose from.

6. Stream music and video

Cloud storage allows you to enjoy your favorite music and movies regardless of your location. All you need is to make sure that the size of your library fits your needs and update a subscription plan if necessary.

7. Share content

Cloud storages enable you to share your files by generating links. If you intend to share folders, it usually requires inviting users and giving them specific access permission. After you share your content, you may be able to protect it by adding a password, setting an expiry date, marking it as “view-only,” or even encrypting it.

It is not essential to become a cloud expert in utilizing all the benefits of the Cloud. Contact us to discover the wide variety of Cloud services for the sustainable growth of your business.

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