6 ways your business can leverage the Cloud

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Imagine your business utilizing enterprise-level, cutting-edge technologies, having endless opportunities to scale, and being able to adopt changes in no time. It seems like a pipe dream, but this is all possible with cloud solutions. Here’s a list of how your business can leverage the power of cloud.

1. Reduce costs

A great way of saving money is going for an Infrastructure-as-a-Service model. This cloud model allows your company to cut investments in servers, data centers, and other hardware by partnerning with a Cloud provider. With a Cloud service provider, professionals manage your infrastructure and assist you in day-to-day issues.

2. Increase productivity

If you are dealing with application development, Platform-as-a-Service can become your silver bullet. Using cloud infrastructure to develop, test, run and manage business applications is far more practical and convenient than constantly upgrading your hardware and software. With PaaS, your team members can immediately access to your business tools they need from anywhere at any time.

3. More Efficient with the Cloud

Software-as-a-Service is one of the most popular ways to leverage the Cloud. It allows you to host your software on the Cloud, accessing it anytime at any place. Utilizing a SaaS gives you easy access to all the necessary applications; all you need is an Internet connection and a browser. On top of this, a SaaS requires vendors to manage all the technical issues – meaning the customers don’t need to worry about solving potential problems themselves.

4. Store your data on a secure platform.

Nowadays, cybersecurity is a must for any business. Any breach or attack can severely impact a business and can result in a loss of profit. Additionally, this can also hurt your customer loyalty and business’ reputation. That’s why any executive should take cybersecurity seriously. Breaches in security are rare for cloud systems because Cloud service providers use a varied set of advanced tools to secure their platforms. These policies include access control, authentication, and encryptions.

5. Control of your data

Utilizing the Cloud gives you greater visibility and control over your data. The Cloud platform allows businesses to have total control over sensitive data like finance documents or payroll. You can set the level of access to important information for your employees have.

6. Easier disaster recovery.

Downtimes and data loss are major concerns for any business. In the digital age, companies cannot afford to have their critical IT systems shut off. Every minute of downtime results in a business losing money. Cloud-based disaster recovery ensures a speedy data recovery. With a cloud service provider, you’ll have regular back-ups and the ability to store critical business data off-site so that you can access it from anywhere in case of emergency.

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