6 ways 5G will change Cloud Computing

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The fifth generation of mobile connectivity, widely known as 5G is here. It is expected to bring such a lot of advantages over the 4G networks. This would include high-quality video calls, increased mobile devices productivity, fast Internet search and many more. This technology is ready to revolutionize the communications and network industry by offering ultra-fast connection rates. And it undoubtedly will have a major impact on many business processes, making things more effective and engaging, particularly when it comes to cloud computing. Let’s have an overview of what the fifth-generation network will bring to the cloud.

1. Faster streaming and processing data

A 5G network provides faster data transfers in comparison to any previous technology. 5G networks are tailored to facilitate real-time streaming, and that is why time-sensitive and big data technology businesses will significantly benefit from 5G. Storage and streaming will be done as they occur, enabling companies to reach the peak of their productivity.

2. Wider opportunities for remote work due to better connectivity

Work from home has become our new reality which is preferable for both – employers and employees. The future will not be about 9 to 5 jobs, and more people will be able to establish a better life-work balance by choosing a comfortable work schedule and environment. All you need is a reliable high-speed internet connection. Remote gadgets powered by 5G will utilize low latency, high-speed network to get the necessary data immediately. Enterprises will be able to track their product supplies until they reach the destination. Many businesses will be able to save their time and resources using this technology.

3. New horizons for Artificial intelligence technologies development

AI innovations have not reached their peak yet. Considering that the sole driver of an AI system is the ability of a computer to mimic a human, its processing speed has to be of great importance. For instance, the robotics used in both manufacturing and healthcare will benefit exceedingly using the 5G network. It is now possible for a surgeon to operate on a patient in another location using a robot. And through a 5G network, the process will get even better. The virtual and augmented reality techs will also be benefitted.

4. Streamlining industrial operations

Most businesses and enterprises use cloud technologies to manage their data. 5G will bring a valuable advantage to those companies that process a huge amount of data in real-time and rely heavily on data transmission speed. It will help the businesses in managing their workload as they can quantifiably plan their business’s operations.

5. Better security systems

An increased number of cyber-threats is the biggest downside of digitalization. When integrating 5G technology, Cloud computing will make the system more safe and secure, helping the enterprises protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Hybrid cloud computing is bound to be safer alongside the advantage of smoother transfers between clouds.

6. Secure data distribution

Many businesses don’t trust their sensitive data to public clouds. It makes sense to a degree, as the circulation of data off the public cloud is safer and secure. But keeping data of your business on-premises while the processing is carried out on the public cloud is not a good idea considering latency. 5G can place your data outside the cloud and also process it. With the low latency, business data which is stored outside the cloud will be workable.

5G cloud is becoming a must-have for any business to grow. Regardless of the industry, cloud computing combined with 5G network connectivity will boost the performance of any technological innovations. It will ultimately make your cloud-based products and services much more reliable, faster, and more efficient. To learn more about cloud solutions for business, contact our experts.

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