5 Myths & Truth about Cloud Technology

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Myth #1: My data, documents, and information are less secure in the cloud.

Truth:  Most cloud service providers incorporate data encryption and security features that are more advanced and more stringent than those of most on-premises businesses.  Additionally, cloud security is ever-evolving and improving, so cloud service providers are tasked with maintaining and keeping current with these changes to ensure your security and peace of mind.  

Because data breaches are the biggest risk for cloud service providers, data centers work diligently to ensure both physical security as well as cybersecurity.  They include redundant capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths for the equipment businesses utilize to protect against most threats.  Layered on top of that is the support of IT and cybersecurity experts. Nothing is guaranteed, but security and protection are top priorities for reputable cloud service providers.   

Myth #2:  My data is public when I store it on the cloud.  

Truth:  A common misunderstanding is that all cloud services are public.  In actuality, some are, and some are private.  Private providers are like your own personal residence where you store what YOU own.  Because service providers understand your business’s desire to protect and ensure the security of your data, documents, and information, they will go out of their way to implement high-quality security measures and utilize experts to make sure it stays that way.  

Myth #3:  I have compliance requirements and standards I must meet, and the cloud can’t meet those rigorous standards.   

Truth:  Most cloud service providers are well-versed in the requirements of a variety of compliance standards.  All compliance regulations can be met in a cloud environment, and a good cloud provider will go above and beyond to ensure that your security compliance requirements are met and exceeded.  

Myth #4:  Storing in the cloud is not as reliable as on-premises, and sometimes the weather will mess things up! 

Truth:  It’s hard to believe, but some people believe that the cloud is ACTUALLY in the sky!  According to a genuine survey conducted by Wakefield Research, the survey found that “51% of those surveyed thought that stormy weather could affect cloud computing.  And no less than 29% thought the cloud was an actual cloud.”   

In reality, the cloud is not in the sky at all!  In the many data centers around the world where cloud computing and storage occur, they often have better backup and security measures in place to make sure your computing is safe and extremely secure, especially where meeting security compliance standards is a must. As a standard of practice, cloud providers have regular and automated backup and disaster recovery if something should happen onsite.   

Myth #5:  Using cloud services is way more expensive t

Truth:  Although there is a potential for cost savings in many cases, sometimes it does cost more upfront.  However, in determining cost savings you must explore more than the specific fees for cloud services.  Consider whether it is cost EFFICIENT for you to manage these types of services onsite, as staffing is a cost that you may not have thought about.  Additionally, you must look at physical devices and services, another expense that you may not be able to support.  The initial investment may vary, but you must also consider the expenses over time to determine a budget for cloud-based services.  As a business, you must consider what your business is truly capable of managing on your own and whether it makes sense to outsource this service to a highly competent service provider to collaborate with your business to ensure a budget-friendly way to implement cloud services that will keep your business matters secure and protected over time! 

If you are looking for that highly competent service provider to work with your business, contact Klik Solutions to find out more about how we can help you with your cloud computing! 

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