23 Best Cloud Gaming Services Available in 2023

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Cloud gaming services are like paradise for gamers: no need to invest in expensive equipment, you can enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience. All you need is a stable Internet connection and any device – from a smartphone to an old PC. Another important thing is to select the cloud gaming service that best meets your requirements. Look at the twenty-three cloud gaming services that will be available in the coming year, and their pros and cons. 

GeForce Now

One of the best gaming services, with appealing graphics and exceptional performance, that allows you to stream all your video games through a single account. GeForce is extremely simple to use: create an account, download the app, and link it to the library to start playing.

The minimum macOS requirement is 10.10. The minimum GeForce for Windows PC requirement is a 64-bit version of Windows 7. There are over 30 free games available. You can easily share your best gaming performance on social media. Consider the following disadvantages: it has limited gaming sessions and forces users to wait in queues. 

Shadow Cloud Gaming Service

Shadow is a high-performance top cloud gaming service that can be used on multiple devices on a regular basis. It is frequently improved at no extra cost and does not require ongoing maintenance. To use Shadow globally, you must have a VPN service and a minimum internet speed of 15 Mbps. You can easily share files with your gaming friends and play the game on any device that has an app. The main disadvantage of the service is that there is no certainty about the company’s future. 


Paperspace is one of the best cloud gaming services for cloud computing devices that use next-generation machine learning/artificial intelligence. You need a Google or GitHub account to run this gaming console, or you can create a free Paperspace account as well. Paperspace combines deep learning, data science, and machine learning into a single structure. It is one of the most affordable cloud games available. However, it is a little difficult for beginners. 

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Vortex is a highly demanded and extremely popular multi-platform gaming service that allows you to play over a hundred games. It is compatible with desktop computers, laptop computers, Android, and iOS devices. It has a library of over 100 games, requires a 30 Mbps connection, and can be easily customized. 


Parsec uses video streaming technology and previously configured virtual machinery from Amazon online series and Paperspace. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi 3. You can stream using your gaming PC or Parsec’s server. A minimum Internet speed of 30 Mbps is required. Although it is generally free, you may be charged hourly depending on how much you use it. 

NVIDIA Game Stream

NVIDIA Game Stream is a free cloud gaming service that allows you to play your favorite games on your SHIELD Television or tablet from the GeForce device. Enjoy faster and smoother gaming and play at 60 FPS speed at up to 4K HDR. NDIVIA, which is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Chrome, allows streaming via your gaming PC with GeForce GPU and requires a home network or a 5 Mbps+ Internet connection. The most significant benefit is that NDIVIA is entirely free. 

Google Stadia

Google Stadia is compatible with any device that runs Google Chrome. Unlike Netflix, which is a service provider, Google Stadia allows users to purchase the games they wish to stream. Stadia runs smoothly on Chrome on any device and provides a 4K experience at 60 frames per second via Chromecast. Livestream users can join the game, and if you subscribe again after unsubscribing, you will regain access to the pro games. The streaming is done through Google’s servers and has a speed of more than 30 Mbps. 

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With Playkey.net, which runs safely on Windows and Mac, you can enjoy high-end games without the need for high-end hardware. Even with slow internet (10 Mbps), a gamer can run a high-definition game at 30 frames per second. It primarily streams from Playkey’s servers. It is not free, but it is reasonably priced at $35 for 70 hours, $40 for 200 hours, and $45 per month for an unlimited plan. 

Steam Link

Steam Link wirelessly streams content from a PC running Steam to a video device and a television set. Steam Link’s technical specifications include Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI output, and 3 x USB 2.0 ports. It runs on Android, Raspberry Pi, Steam Linux Box, and iOS platforms and is based on a modified version of Linux. It uses 512 MB of memory and streams to Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Steam Link Box. A fantastic bonus — Steam Link is completely free. 


Rainway is a cloud-based game streaming service that streams games to web browser windows, Mac, Windows PCs, and Android phones. Rainway, a completely free gaming platform, is worth a look if you want to discover more. Rainway streams on a home network or at internet speeds ranging from 5 to 15 Mbps. The maximum display resolution is 1080p at 60 frames per second. 


Netboom is one of the best cloud gaming services, capable of converting a mobile phone into a comfortable gaming PC. It allows you to stream games without installing them and to play on multiple screens without using gamepads. Netboom has NVIDIA graphics and 16 GB of RAM with DDR4 memory. When compared to other cloud gaming apps, Netboom has the most user-friendly interface. Non-members can use the nonpremium services for one hour for free every day. 


Moonlight allows you to stream NVIDIA games from the client database to mobile phones for online PC gaming. It uses the NVIDIA game stream protocol. Moonlight is compatible with all platforms, including PC, MAC, ChromeOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, and Playstation Vita. It has its own gaming library through third parties and provides a diverse selection of games to its users. 

Moonlight is a completely free Cloud gaming service with no ads, extra features, or paid versions. 

Xbox App for Windows 10

You will be able to stream games on a Windows 10 device if you have any Xboxes. You can also use the Xbox app to control your console. What’s good about it?  It is an entirely free cloud gaming service, which allows you to regulate the stream quality up to 1080p at the rate of 60 fps. Remote control of the Xbox is possible while playing games from the PC. The in-audio chat option allows you to communicate with other players. 


While it does not provide anything exceptional, Blacknut remains the best Cloud gaming service for Android device users. The Blacknut game library is enormously powerful, and the service provides unlimited gaming access to over 360 games.  The complete absence of advertisements and in-game purchases, combined with the parental control feature, make Blacknut an excellent choice. Important: You can easily switch between devices. 

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now provides incredible cloud gaming services, ranging from a massive game library to a free seven-day trial period. You can stream or download games from the gaming platform, which is constantly updated with new games such as blockbuster hits, Playstation exclusives, family-friendly adventures, and more.  Gaming services can also be downloaded to your computer. You can also access 800+ games by connecting your Dualshock 4 controller via USB. 


JUMP is not suitable for AAA games, but you can still enjoy 100+ games from all genres, a 14-day free trial, and a free cloud gaming service followed by $4.99 per month. JUMP is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, and it requires a 15 Mbps internet connection and a display resolution of 1080 p 60 frames per second. 

Project X Cloud

Project X-Cloud allows you to play using your Android phone or tablet and stream games directly from the Cloud. Project X Cloud does not require a VPN and can stream 3500+ games. It is compatible with Android versions 6.0 and higher, as well as Bluetooth versions 4.0 and higher. Project X Cloud supports 5 GHz Wi-Fi and 10 Mbps mobile data connections. 

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Furioos makes it easy to share 3D applications and can turn your device into a 3D workstation. Cloud services enable instant interaction with 3D apps while maintaining low latency and a short download time. You can distribute the content to anyone, anywhere. Furioos can comfortably stream video to smartphones. 


Playkey provides a completely free cloud gaming service in addition to premium services. You can play the game right away without having to download it or install it on your computer. It works on any device and requires no more than 10 Mbps of bandwidth. It offers nearly 250 cloud games and video quality at 60 frames per second. 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a Cloud gaming platform and focuses on tools for managing, building, and supporting various services and applications. Microsoft Azure provides secure global gaming services, and as a limited-scale user, you can enjoy free services for a 12-month period. 

Project Xcloud

Project Xcloud is simple to set up and use. It allows users to quickly switch screens without having to restart the game. If you have good Wi-Fi access (at least 5HZ), you can stream cloud games smoothly with almost no stutters. 


HP Omen Game Stream does not require an additional cloud server and is powered by an Omen PC. On top of that, it is completely free to use. However, it is only available to HP users. To make the most of this service, you can use this tool to connect it via a wired connection. 

Amazon Luna 

For a variety of reasons, Amazon Luna, a relatively new service, has been included in this list of the best cloud gaming services. A Luna controller, for example, expands the feature set, provides more control, and connects to another WiFi connection to reduce input lag and latency. Luna has a large game library, works with Fire TV and Alexa, and has 1080p at 60 frames per second and 4K at 60 frames per second resolutions. 

Hopefully, you will try these gaming services that provide you with enjoyment and relaxation. With different features, each cloud-based platform offers a unique experience with consistently good results. As a gamer, you may find either AAA to be your stronghold, but if not, there are other options on the market. 

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